In Moscow, the gallery “Nagornaya”, held a personal exhibition of the Honored Artist of the Russian Federation, Corresponding Member of the Russian Academy of Arts, the head of  Vereshchagin studio – Oleg Leonov. The exhibition has a symbolic name  – Poisk ( Search) and presents a retrospective of creative searches of the artist, who masterfully owns artistic means of expression of their views and thoughts. All works are very different, both in the subjects, stylistics and in technique. Clear and sharp portraits, which show every wrinkle, a little blurry, written by large strokes landscapes, allegorical graphics, all of this is surprising and underlines the diversity of talent of the artist-philosopher. I really enjoyed the exhibition and the conversation with Oleg Leonov. He expressed their views on classical art, realism as a brick, building material for the creation of art that meets modern requirements.

Stanislav Byalskiy