With a great pleasure I have visited the personal exhibition of Stas Namin in Zurab Tsereteli Art Gallery, Moscow, dedicated to the 65th anniversary of Stas. The exhibition’s title – “Откровенно / Inside Out”. The exhibition, located in several halls, reminded me a fireworks. First, a loud shot, with the white smoke against the black sky, and later – all colors of the holiday. The first hall is almost monochrome with black and white graphics inside, the next ones filled  by a variety of colors, to which Andy Warhol would envy. This famous musician who has been trying his hand in filmmaking and photography, has shown himself  as exceptional artist and colorist. To be honest, I was surprised by what I saw. And not only me, but the other guests and friends of Stas Namin as well,  who have seen this talented, creative person from another side.