A video interview in the studio of the graduate of the Saratov Art College named after. A.P. Bogolyubov and  Surikov Institute, who received a diploma “with honors” and a medal of the Russian Academy of Arts “for excellent studies.” He is a member of the Creative Union of Artists of Russia, the head of the creative workshops at the Union in the framework of the exhibition projects “Egocentry”, “Patch”, “June 22”, curator and participant of these projects. Member of mobile exhibition projects “The Red Gate. Against the stream “and” Between the Volga and the Danube “.

In his work, Vyacheslav tries to combine modernistic and academic artistic practices, iconographic historical images and memes with the need to speak a modern language, which often acquires the features of kitsch and camp.

Vyacheslav spoke about his technique, or rather techniques, as he experimented with various surfaces and paints, trying to make full use of their features to enrich his visual language.

Did not go unnoticed and his curatorial work – “I’m interested in choosing a context that allows artists to coexist in the exhibition, it’s interesting when absolutely different works are going to tell one general story”

“Whether we become more prepared for the perception of contemporary art, or whether it changes our perception and  the surrounding reality in general … Modern architecture, in its present form, would be impossible to exist without the finds of Suprematists and Constructivists.”

Stanislav Byalsky