A conversation with Alexei Parfyonov and Natalia Opiok, the founders of Energetism, a new movement and a new understanding of the creative process. Energetism is the original creative energy, mastered and consciously carried out by a professional artist through the prism of artistic vision. Energetism allows the artist to operate with the nature of energy flows, consciously and in time to translate them in artistic form to create a product with a power able to unfold the potential of the person who is inside the energy field of the artwork.

Of course, we discussed not only such high and subtle spheres, but also more mundane things, for example, how to survive the artist in the current economical situation. Unfortunately behind the scenes there were a lot of interesting things – about the murals of the Madonna’s singer’s apartments, about the work in the movie “Viy” and the meeting with Mother Teresa. I thank the artists for this conversation and I hope that I will be able to discover many new things more than once and perhaps rethink the former view of things by talking to these clever and gifted people.

Stanislav Byalsky